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Patient information:

It is very important to follow all the instruction given to you from your surgeon's office. If you have not gotten specific instructions for your surgery from your surgeon's office, please contact their office. The surgery center will call the day before your surgery to go over these instructions with you, give arrival time and go over your health history.

Surgery instructions:

Please contact your surgeon’s office immediately if you get a cold, fever, asthma attack, shortness of breath, cough, or any flu-like symptoms any time in the week before your surgery. Do not wait until the day of surgery to inform any of the staff of these symptoms.


Stop taking all aspirin and blood-thinning medications for 3 days before your surgery, unless otherwise instructed by your surgeon.


Please make sure you have a responsible adult drive you have after surgery and stay with you that night.  YOU MAY NOT DRIVE HOME AFTER ANY KIND OF SEDATION.  We will not release you from the surgery center to any kind of taxi or rideshare unless you have another adult to accompany you.


Please have nothing to eat or drink after 12:00 midnight the day before midnight.  This includes no smoking, chewing gum, or use of mints.


Please take a shower the morning of your surgery, but do not use any lotion, creams, powders, or makeup.


Please remove all jewelry and leave valuables at home.  You may bring glasses or hearing aids with you,  if needed.


On the day of surgery please take any heart, cholesterol, blood pressure, acid reflux, and thyroid medication the day of surgery as directed with a small sip of water.  If you are a diabetic, DO NOT take your oral diabetes medications on the day of surgery.  If you take insulin, please talk to your endocrinologist what dose of insulin you should take the day of surgery.  


Please wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing. Please bring any equipment (such as a sling, braces, crutches, etc) you received from your surgeon’s office to the facility.

Arriving at the Facility:

You will please check in with the front desk.  You will have paperwork to fillout. The receptionist will ask for your photo ID and insurance card. Please ask any questions you have about the paperwork.

After the paperwork is complete, you will meet with one of your nurses.  They will help you get changed and make you feel comfortable for the surgery.


Please ask the nurse and staff any questions or share your concerns.  We are here to make your surgical experience as comfortable as possible for you.


After the surgery, you will be in recovery for about an hour. Then a nurse will assist you with getting to your care and answer any last-minute questions you may have.  





Anesthesia is provided by Medial Anesthesia Consultants (MAC). They are a leader in providing anesthesia for hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers in Northern California.


See the website for information on MAC anesthesia or any questions about your anesthesia billing statement.

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